dnotice.de is back

After reactivating dnotice.de due to Nightfall’s recent publication of the new Cannibal Sector One sourcebook, I decided to mess around a bit in WordPress. So I’m currently testing out this theme, and I’m porting over old content from the dnotice 3.0 website.

The Mort article is the first to be ported over and I will continue porting over the short stories and other applicable stuff from the old webpage.

I also tested the BRP conversion that I wrote back in the early 00’s, but for various reasons we stopped using it and instead ported the characters over to Modern AGE. M:AGE works surprisingly well for my current SLA campaign, although I hacked quite a few bits of the system (from character generation to weapon stats). Going forward, however, (if) I will post stuff, it will be with the M:AGE ruleset in mind.

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