Hey there,

this is eldritch, creator & owner of dnotice.de. This site started back in 1999 as a fansite for the Scottish role-playing game of futuristic urban horror, SLA Industries.

Over the years dnotice.de has gone through several changes, until in 2010 I “disabled” (as in replaced the index page with a static image without any further links, however, if you knew the old site structure all the old content was still accessible … google, eg. obviously knew) the site, because I grew disillusioned with the direction the non-development of SLA Industries took.

Additionally my own campaign was finished and my players were looking at other systems to play, so decision to “bin” this page was not difficult.

Things changed, however, in 2019. For one, Nightfall had managed to write a new SLA Industries sourcebook – Cannibal Sector One – and additionally I managed to get another SLA Industries campaign off the ground – based on a concept I had written/developed back in 2005.

Finally, in July I decided to give the site a face-lift … and here we are.

So, take care, enjoy, and don’t rock the boat (you know who’s watching …)